MUH in Tanta University

Prof. Abdel Hakim Abdel Khalik Khalil- President of Tanta University- and Dr. Ilya- vice-Rector of Modern University for Humanities-have discussed the avenues of documenting and activating scientific cooperation between the 2 universities in a way that can help to grant students of Tanta University scientific degrees and training courses in a number of specialties via distance education technology,


to provide the opportunity to get parallel and accredited scientific degrees from European Union and to suggest a joint diploma between the



2 universities; such as, Diploma of International Commercial Law.

This agreement comes in line with the efforts of Mr. President/ Abdel Fattah Al- Sisi in Moscow to strengthen relations


between the 2 countries.

The vice- rector of MUH has also visited Tanta Centre of International Studies for Distance Education praising the equipment which keep pace with the latest technologies in the world.

Also negotiations have been conducted with Tanta vice-President for Graduate Studies and Researches and vice-President for Students and Education Affairs to open other fields for graduate and post-graduate students via distance education after the approval of Supreme Council of Universities.


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